Contract Manufacturing

As an established medical device company with exceptional capabilities, H.S. International Corporation is also a full-service medical device contract manufacturer. Our team of experts is here to help with outsourced assembly needs and we make every effort to strategically combine core competencies with our customers to achieve optimal results. We work closely with our customers in the development and production of high-quality, high-precision, cost-efficient medical devices. Our contract manufacturing services provides design assistance, prototype/product development, materials management, and product testing resources. H.S. International Corporation contains fully-integrated machine shop capabilities dedicated to product and process development. As a critical component manufacturing company with over 30 years of expertise, H.S. International Corporation continues to develop and incorporate proficient manufacturing processes used for precision and speed. From a full-range of specialized processes, the following are a few examples of the company’s core competencies and expertise:

  • High Precision Micro-Machining
  • Mechanized High Precision Surface Grinding
  • Micro-Bead/Sand Blasting
  • Automated Polishing Systems
  • Specialized Fiber Optic Forming and Polishing
  • Fixture Assisted Assembly Techniques
  • Semi-Automated Lapping Procedures 

Our employees provide the highest performances to ensure our customers remain our most important asset. Our experienced work force is dedicated to quality and detail. Requests for quotations on all manufacturing services can be emailed to