H.S. International design and manufacture Higest Quality Vitreoretinal Surgery devices in the United States.


Universal Pneumatic Vitrectomy Cutters   NEW

Third generation High Speed Universal Vitrectomy Probes are optimized  for speed up to 5000cuts/min.


Infusion Sleeves

Reusable and disposable Infusion Sleeves used as an optional accessory for the use of the Vitrector, 20-gauge (0.91 mm) during anterior segment procedures.

Micro-Incision System   NEW

Micro-Incision System contains High Quality Ultra Sharp Blade Trocars with Full Metal Instrument cannula, Pre-loaded, Stiffer Infusion-line for faster removal of silicone oils, Medical Grade Stainless Steel Plugs, and High Quality Fixation Plate.
*Also available in One-Step Self Sealing Trocars

Trocars   NEW

Ultra Sharp Blade made of stiffer medical grade stainless steel. Blade profile design optimized for smooth penetration, lancet designed for no leakage, and ergonomically designed handle delivers benefit. 

Bi-Manual Aspiration and Irrigation

Reusable and disposable handpiecesare available with various handle and tip designs.

Irrigation and Aspiration Handpiece with Tips

Irrigation and Aspiration Handpieces are designed with interchangeable tips; both straight and curved.

Flute Backflush

Flute Backflush Handpieces are designed with Interchangeable Cannulas.

Phaco Accessories

Standard Titanium Phaco Needle: square hub, 1.1 mm diameter and Low Turbulence Phaco Needle: 5-leaf tapered hub, 1.1 mm diameter.

Illumination Probes   NEW

High illumination, Uniform light distribution, Hand-polished, Illumination Probes are available in 27, 25, 23 and 20 gauge.

Vitrectomy Set   NEW

The High Quality 27, 25, 23, and 20 Gauge Universal Pneumatic Vitrectomy Sets stand for more cost-effective solution.
Set contains Micro-Incision System (3 Trocars, 3 Sclera Plugs, 1 Infusion Cannula), 1 Pneumatic Vitrectomy Cutter, and 1 Fiber Optic Illumination Probe.
*Now Also available in One-Step Self-Sealing Trocars


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