Quality is Our Priority

As a full-service manufacturing company, H.S. International Corporation is committed to working closely with medical professionals to the develop products that meet or exceed the high quality expectations set by surgeons throughout the world. Our team is dedicated to building quality into every product. 

Quality Management System
H.S. International Corporation received the prestigious ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Certification, the international standard for quality management, administered by the Underwriter's Lab. The internationally recognized ISO 13485 Certification ensures a Quality Management System capable of producing the highest quality in products and providing excellent customer service.

Quality Policy
It is the policy of H. S. International to provide products and services of a highest quality that meets the initial and continuing needs and expectations of our customers. Each H.S. International employee is responsible for doing quality work in everything we do. We are empowered to ensure customer satisfaction by understanding customer’s requirements and to initiate action for continuous improvement. H.S. International Corporation is certified to operate a Quality Management System, which complies with International and FDA Quality Standards and Regulatory Requirements.

FDA Approvals, ISO Certifications, and Licenses: